Arturo Elena


All of my illustrations always start with a sketch. Once the sketch is finalised, I start applying the colour. I always make a start from the face and I continue with the parts with human skin, like hands or legs, because they are some of the most delicate and challenging parts. Usually, the last thing I work on is the clothes, but this depends on the image.

Regarding the tools that I use, over my career I have tried different techniques, but I have been using only pens for a several years now. These pens have different ink with different textures (transparent or opaque) as they give me the finishes that I am looking for. However, I have experimented new techniques with these pens, like melting or liquify the inks, which is the technique that I currently use and that without even realising, it has become my own personal technique. I don’t know of any other illustrator in the world that uses this technique as I do.

  • Final Art-1
  • Final Art-2
  • Final Art-3
  • Final Art-4

Courtesy of CDM-Centro de Diseño de Modas, Guadalajara-México.